Moving to the Netherlands

Emer Cooke, Executive Director of the Agency:

“The Agency is here to help you find your way to settling in The Netherlands. With the experience of relocating the entire Agency, myself included, I can re-assure you that the Netherlands is an attractive place for expats, not only due to its high living standards but also since English and other EU languages are widely spoken.” .

Your new city

Amsterdam and its neighbouring cities offer a high standard of living in an attractive environment where there is an excellent choice of housing, shops and services. Our building is easily accessible by public transport with a range of different options - why not go Dutch and travel by bicycle? We have over 700 bike parking places at EMA. The City of Amsterdam MapItOut tool is a good starting point to investigate where you might like to live since it provides an overview of the expected travel times between Amsterdam and its neighbouring towns and cities.

Your family relocation

We understand the challenges involved in moving with a family, but you should not worry – the Netherlands is a good place for families as confirmed by its consistently high ranking in many league tables. The Netherlands offers a rich diversity of education and childcare options, including multilingual education at European Schools, so we have prepared a short overview to help you. Click here find out more.

If your partner is interested in employment options in the Netherlands there is a dynamic and flexible jobs market where Dutch language is not always a requirement. There are currently with many vacancies and attractive tax incentives available for expats relocating to work in the Dutch public and private sectors.

Further guidance

A detailed guidance document will be sent to you at the contract offer stage which will include specific tips regarding the various practical aspects of your relocation, such as housing, utility services, healthcare, employment opportunities for partners, commuting, vehicle importing, banking, etc.